Henley & Partners presents the concept of sovereign equity in Davos

Мальта одобрила около 1000 заявлений на получение гражданства через инвестиции

Henley & Partners took part in two key discussion panels during the annual World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland) on 22-25 January 2019.

Open discussions featured heads and members of governments, leading scientists and prominent experts. The guests considered the positive effect of investment migration programs on the economy and society.

Christian Kälin, the chairman of Henley & Partners, said that the concept of sovereign equity will significantly change state financing, state expenditures and direct foreign investments.

He noted that the financial crisis of 2008 and its consequences showed that the constantly growing sovereign debt is not a long-term solution. In particular, countries without rich natural resources or significant tax income have to find some alternative in order to compete on world markets and avoid risky debt obligations.

Christian Kälin added that well-managed investment programs attract non-debt liquidity as well as significant direct foreign investments, valuable skills and experience. He called this combination sovereign equity. This concept helps to gain financial independence and opportunities for all levels of the society and is beneficial internationally.

Gaston Braun, the prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, confirmed the positive influence of citizenship by investment program. He said that such program provided 15% of the country’s annual income. It helped to pay off the debt to the International Monetary Fund and to develop industries that provide employment for citizens. Edward Scicluna, the Minister for Finance of Malta, also noted positive economic changes after the introduction of a citizenship by investment program.

The World Economic Forum is a Swiss non-government organization. It is best known for annual meetings in Davos, where leading business managers, political leaders, prominent thinkers, and journalists discuss the world's most pressing problems.


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