Republic of Moldova climbed up two lines in the Passport Index

Республика Молдова поднялась на две строчки в Индексе паспортов

In the beginning of 2019, Henley & Partners published a new version of its Passport Index, which reflects visa-free regime for all the countries in the world. During the previous year, Moldovan citizens gained visa-free access to 12 countries, and the total number of visa-free countries is now 122. Moldova climbed up two lines in the ranking and is now on 46th place.

A better position in the Index makes Moldavan passports more attractive for investors. In November 2018, the country made it possible to receive its citizenship for a nonrefundable donation of EUR 100,000 to a state foundation. The passport of the Republic of Moldova does not grant the right of residence in the European Union; however, the republic strives to become a recognized candidate for EU membership.

Other countries with citizenship by investment programs hold high positions in the Passport Index. For example, Malta is on the 9th place with visa-free access to 182 countries; Saint Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda are on 27th and 29th place, respectively, and Montenegro, which will launch such program soon, is on the 45th place (123 countries).

The leader is Japan. Its citizens can visit 190 countries without applying for a visa. South Korea and Singapore are on the second place with 189 visa-free countries. Russia is on the 47th place with 119 visa-free countries.

Read more about the Index here.


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